Sioux Falls, SD
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Consultants Forum Workshop – Best practices for economic developers

  • June 22, 2023

By Dean Dziedzic, Vice President of Economic Development

Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to attend Area Development’s Consultants Forum Workshop in Greenville, S.C. This exclusive event was limited to 125 attendees with the sole purpose of hearing from and engaging face-to-face with 18 leading site consultants and corporate real estate advisors. The format was split between multiple boardroom presentations and roundtable discussions. Better yet, I was able to pre-select preferred sessions with site consultants prior to the event.

The Development Foundation’s strategic plan over many years has emphasized the importance of marketing to a broad array of site consultants. These are professionals who assist businesses in the process of selecting and acquiring suitable locations for their operations. They provide expertise in site selection, real estate analysis, and market research to help their business clients make informed decisions about where to establish new facilities.

The role of site consultants involves understanding the specific requirements and objectives of a business, such as its industry, target market, operational needs, and growth plans. They conduct a comprehensive analysis of potential sites and present recommendations based on factors such as infrastructure availability, workforce demographics, transportation access, proximity to suppliers and customers, cost of real estate, and regulatory considerations.

The value in attending this workshop was direct access to a variety of consultants that matched our target market in Sioux Falls. There was ample opportunity in the roundtables and social settings to promote our community and all the positive characteristics. In addition, the workshop offered great opportunities to network with other economic developers and peer communities, while comparing and contrasting what works in Sioux Falls versus other communities.

This Consultants Workshop Forum is just one example of the investment in time and money to promote Sioux Falls. It takes a consistent approach over a long period of time to develop relationships with a wide array of site consultants. Overall, site consultants and business attraction efforts aim to attract new businesses, stimulate economic growth, create quality job opportunities, and enhance the overall prosperity of a region or community.