Advanced Manufacturing
Manufacturer’s paradise

Advanced Manufacturing

Premier manufacturers need access to interstates, rail, and air. Sioux Falls gives your manufacturing company all of that and more. With its central location, Sioux Falls gives manufacturers access to over 42 million customers within 500 miles.

Major Manufacturing Companies

The Greater Sioux Falls Region is home to a variety of complex manufacturers. These manufacturers rely on the well-developed infrastructure, utilities, and telecommunication networks that the Sioux Falls region has to offer.

Company Employees
Showplace Wood Products 750-800
Raven Industries 650-700
StarMark Cabinetry 500-550
Daktronics 450-500
POET LLC 400-450
Graco, Inc. 300-350
Electronic Systems, Inc. 250-300
Gage Brothers Concrete Products 250-300
Company Employees
Grand Prairie Foods 250-300
Marmen Energy 250-300
Rosenbauer South Dakota 250-300
Adams Thermal Systems 200-250
AmesburyTruth 200-250
Bell, Inc. 200-250
Berry Plastics Holding Corporation 200-250
Spartan ERV 200-250

Value Added Agriculture

Thanks in part to support from our one-of-a-kind research facilities and a rich history in agriculture production, South Dakota is at the forefront of value-added agriculture. And with plenty of room to grow, increased livestock populations and a dedicated Midwest workforce, South Dakota has become a top destination in which food processors can thrive.


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