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The Foundation

Since 1954, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation has been leading the way in creating one of the most vibrant, secure, and growing economies in the nation. Founded by a group of far-sighted business leaders, the SFDF is a non-profit economic development corporation with the mission of improving the economy of the Sioux Falls region. We connect businesses with the people, tools and resources they need to be successful.

Services We Offer

International Trade

Sioux Falls helps your business be competitive in the global economy. With our regional airport, Foreign Trade Zone, Port of Entry and warehouse availability, Sioux Falls has the necessary assets to grow your business to the next level.

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Research & Reports

Our demographic and database resources are at your disposal. The Community Profile provides a comprehensive overview of the region. Additionally, in cooperation with the City of Sioux Falls, we have developed a Data Hub to track the region’s change on critical community and economic indicators during COVID. Measuring change in the areas that matter most helps businesses make better decisions.

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Resource Networks, Programs and Events

The Development Foundation seeks out and fosters relationships in the Sioux Falls business community. Our Development Connections program connects your business with elected officials and our industry collaboration events connect you with business peers and potential partners.

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Site Selection Services

Our GIS system, LOIS, provides a searchable database detailing information on available buildings at our development sites.

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From loan programs to startup connections, a variety of resources are available to provide business and financial assistance to entrepreneurs.

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