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South Dakota is one of the most business friendly states in the country. And there’s no better place to settle down and take advantage of those incentives than in Sioux Falls. As the state’s largest city with a metro population of over 290,000, Sioux Falls has low business costs with a high quality of life. There’s no state, corporate or personal income tax, no inheritance tax and no limits to what your business can achieve.


Best small city for business and careers


Best State Business Tax Climate

Tax Foundation

Top State for E-Commerce


“Our region is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more businesses are discovering the strategic positioning of our area.”

Eddie Sullivan, SAB Biopharmaceuticals

Key industries

Distribution & Logistics

Sioux Falls is a transportation hub located along two Interstates with Class I rail, offering a centralized location for transportation and warehouses.

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Advanced Manufacturing

We’re one of the most cost-effective and profitable manufacturing centers in the U.S. for companies.

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Health, Bio & Science

Sioux Falls is home to two top-ranked health systems, insurance companies, biotech businesses and researchers.

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Cyber Security & IT

Located near one of the top cyber schools in the nation, we have a trained workforce and low risk profile for tech companies.

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Financial Services

Our tax climate helps industry leaders bank on Sioux Falls.

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