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The workforce in Sioux Falls is 160,000+ and growing by over 2,000 per year. The rapidly growing workforce is highly educated and trained, with graduation rates above state and national averages at both the high school and college levels. Our talent programming provides skilled and educated labor to meet your organization’s short and long-term goals, plus great employee training incentives funded by the state. In addition, our labor participation rate is historically 12 points higher than the national average.


Household Income

As of 2021, Median Household Income was $75,946 in the Sioux Falls MSA. This amount is higher than the median household income in South Dakota. With a growing population and a number of large corporations continuing to make Sioux Falls home, these numbers are sure to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Sioux Falls South Dakota Iowa Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota Wyoming United States
Median Household Income $75,946 $66,143 $65,600 $77,720 $66,817 $65,519 $65,204 $69,717

(Source: American Community Survey 2021)

Key Demographics

Sioux Falls MSA has a population of 290,000+ (2023) and a median age of 36 years. 37 percent of its population over 25 years have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The workforce is growing and needs businesses like yours to work for.


Talent Development Programs

Sioux Falls has a vast network of talent development programs for K-12, college students and for career professionals. See why a move to Sioux Falls can help you build a better workforce.

“I think it’s incredibly creative… {about} how do we tell our story better, I’m just all for it.” – Dunn was responding to Saturday and Sunday at the Summit with SFDF, a program launched in 2020 to bring talent into Sioux Falls during the Summit League Basketball Tournament.

Dr. Barry Dunn, President at SDSU

Major Employers

The combination of low business costs and a dependable, well-trained workforce are among the many reasons companies choose to do business in Sioux Falls. Our community has provided a home base for growth in the financial services, biotech, and renewable energy industries because of our expertise in manufacturing, research and back-office operations. See the largest employers in our community.

Denise Guzzetta

Denise Guzzetta

Vice President of Talent & Workforce Development