New Year's resolutions to make 2018 another great year in Sioux Falls

It’s a brand New Year, and many of us are making personal resolutions about our health and our time-management skills. But the start of a new year is also a great time to resolve to make a difference in our community.  Each year, we’re challenged to maintain our growth and prosperity—a big goal in an area which continues to set annual records for development, construction and capital investment. But there are a few strategies that can keep us moving forward.


            1.         Capitalize on what we do best. Maximize our advantages, including build-ready sites for new and expanding businesses, an excellent transportation infrastructure, superior educational facilities, a nationally known business climate that encourages growth and a work ethic second to none. Recognizing our strengths helps us tell the Sioux Falls story better.

            2.         Spotlight our industrial sector strengths. From value-added agriculture to financial services to biotech research, Sioux Falls has core industries that can be the catalyst for further growth. By encouraging spin-offs, suppliers and value-added components of our strongest local industries, we set the stage for success.

            3.         Nurture the businesses we have. The best strategy for long-term success of our community is to encourage the growth of existing businesses. Our local companies are established and know the territory—we need to continue to provide the foundation to help them grow stronger.

            4.         Keep the population learning. In this rapidly changing century, nearly everyone in the workforce will require ongoing education and training. What can we do in the year ahead to encourage personal and career growth in Sioux Falls, so that people can plan for their futures?

            5.         Be patient, persistent and positive. Economic development is not an overnight task and results require a strategic plan and a continuous commitment to the future. With the help of our partners at the state, county and local level, we’re always working for a brighter future, keeping our focus on good economic development and believing in the unlimited potential of our community to grow.


By recognizing the value and the effectiveness of a active, forward-directed economic development policy, the Sioux Falls area can maintain the growth that makes us one of the Top Ten places in the US to grow a business and raise a family.


By Dean Dziedzic, Interim President


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