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Enhancing Economic Growth through Strategic Talent Development in Sioux Falls

  • March 19, 2024

In an era of unprecedented economic growth and diversification, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation is proactively aligning its workforce and talent development strategies with the evolving needs of the region. Our deliberate focus on pivotal occupations and industry sectors represents a comprehensive approach to bolstering a dynamic and diversified marketplace.

Targeted Engagement with Key Growth Sectors

Looking forward to 2027, our strategic initiatives are concentrated on sectors experiencing significant growth within the Sioux Falls MSA. These sectors are vital for cultivating a well-rounded economic environment:

  • Business and Finance Operations
  • Computer and Mathematical Occupations
  • Educational Services
  • Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
  • Management, Construction, and Extraction Occupations
  • Transportation and Materials Moving Occupations

It is noteworthy that roles in these areas typically offer remuneration exceeding the regional average annual wage, as indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Q4 2023. This emphasizes the critical importance of these sectors in enhancing the socio-economic fabric of our community.

Initiatives Tailored to Immediate and Long-term Talent Needs

Our programming is designed to address both current and future talent requirements:

  1. Connecting Talent to Opportunity: Initiatives such as Career Connections and INTERN Sioux Falls are pivotal in linking employers with the emerging workforce, facilitating direct access to significant employment and internship opportunities in key sectors for our high school and tertiary education students.
  2. Enhancing Skills for Contemporary and Future Needs: The UPSKILL Sioux Falls program is pivotal in addressing the immediate demand for skilled labor across critical industries, including construction, healthcare, and transportation, by offering reimbursement for eligible training expenses. This initiative is essential for meeting current industry needs and elevating the workforce’s skill level.
  3. Cultivating a Future-Ready Workforce: Our Your Future STEM initiative targets students in grades 5-8, aiming to spark interest in STEM careers early. This is part of our strategic vision to prepare for long-term talent needs, especially in the expanding bio and life sciences sectors.

In April 2024, the introduction of a new Talent Development Advisory Board will strengthen the connection between employers, educational institutions, and students. This initiative is designed to align educational pathways with workplace demands, ensuring a workforce that is not only prepared for the future but also ahead of industry trends.

An Invitation to Collaborate

As we forge ahead with our talent and workforce development initiatives, we extend an invitation to you to participate in this vital journey. Your engagement and support are crucial to our collective success and the sustained economic prosperity of our community.

For organizations looking for more information about our talent and workforce programming, please reach out to Denise Guzzetta at