WIN in Workforce Summit
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Looking to grow, retain, optimize your workforce? This event is for you

  • September 7, 2022

How to attract and maintain a diverse workforce.

Reinvention: The flip side of disruption.

Collegiate engagement made easy.

Workforce reimagined: How manufacturing and tech can help us have hard conversations

Culture, culture, culture: If you do it right, nothing else matters.

That’s just a sampling of the topics that will be explored at the fifth annual WIN in Workforce Summit, held Oct. 26 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

The Summit is organized by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and supported by Forward Sioux Falls.

WIN in Workforce Summit

“We just have continued to evolve and now are part of a national conversation about talent and workforce,” said Denise Guzzetta, vice president of talent and workforce development.

“We bring people globally into our event and into all the engaging things we’re doing here. It’s just very well planned and diversified as far as the talent and expertise.”

Attendees at the summit can choose from nine sessions divided among three tracks:

  • Talent attraction, which includes a look at best practices across the area collegiate network.
  • Talent development, which will offer insight around how organizations are up-skilling and growing their own talent internally.
  • Today’s issues, which will explore themes such as culture, wellness and sustainability.

“As a community, we have leaders across all these areas, and we’re bringing them together in one place so you can hear directly from them,” Guzzetta said. “When you look at the new generation of talent and what they’re looking for in a workplace, there are increasingly conversations around these themes.”

Additionally, the Summit will feature two keynote speakers.

NFL Pro Bowl running back Justin Forsett, an underdog fan favorite, now is a podcast host on LeBron James’ UNINTERRUPTED Podcast Network and is an entrepreneur and inventor featured on ABC’s Shark Tank as the CEO and co-founder of Hustle Clean.

Justin Forsett

“He pitched an idea, got funding and now his products are sold in major retailers, and he just has a wonderful story,” Guzzetta said. “Everybody thinks you have to be the smartest or most athletic or the best and what he’s going to tell you is it really is your mindset and how you’re looking at things.”

Then, Travis Hahler, a South Dakota native leading global change and transformation for Google, will speak on the themes of his own business, The Neurological Nomad. As an independent consultant, Hahler brings neuroscience, neuropsychology and behavioral psychology to business executives at large and small organizations.

Travis Hahler

“He helps companies with transformation and working through change and understanding what motivates people,” Guzzetta said. “That’s what everybody is trying to figure out right now is what motivates people.”

The Summit is designed for everyone from CEOs and business owners to human resources professionals and even high school and college students, she said.

“If you’re touching workforce in any way – maybe you’re a nonprofit or an economic development organization, or you work in operations for a manufacturer – there are going to be takeaways of value for you,” Guzzetta said. “One of the messages we’re sending loud and clear is that WIN in Workforce is where everyone has a voice and everyone sits at the table.”

The WIN in Workforce Summit also will provide plenty of time for questions, networking and sharing best practices.

“Hopefully, you’ll become what we’re calling The Great Attraction, or The Great Upskill,” Guzzetta said. “There’s a huge opportunity right now to make investments in talent.”

WIN in Workforce Summit

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is an approved recertification provider from the Society for Human Resource Management, and human resources professionals who attend WIN can earn nine professional development credits.

Tickets are $89 for in-person attendance, which includes lunch and snacks, and $20 for virtual attendance. Group discounts are available. Contact To learn more and register, click here.