Ready to build on success

It is with great excitement that I join the staff of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation as the new president and CEO. Sioux Falls is a community with incredible assets, including entertainment options, metropolitan amenities and a quality of life that resonates as strongly with entrepreneurial millennials as it does with corporate decision makers. In addition, the Development Foundation has established a reputation for quality developed land for new and expanding businesses, including the flexible, unique sites in Foundation Park.



Growing companies all across the US are looking for those features—and looking at Sioux Falls. More and more, businesses that succeed in the modern economy want to plan their futures in a place where a favorable business climate intersects with a great lifestyle for their employees. Sioux Falls is that kind of community. And the companies we want in Sioux Falls are those that care about their labor force and an exceptional quality of life.



That labor force—and the talent recruitment efforts that keep it strong—is an important part of the Development Foundation’s mission today and in the future, and we’re looking at ways we can build on that work.



We’re actively connecting with K-12 education, to help students prepare for the jobs of the future by giving them the ability to adapt and grow. We’re exploring methods for bringing college graduates back home to discover the enhanced opportunities we offer. The Development Foundation is encouraging educational facilities to retrain the talent pool for a changing job market. And we’re part of the effort to bring special populations into the workforce in exciting new ways.



The Development Foundation board of directors is committed to an economically secure future, our staff is experienced and strong and we are ready for the challenges that come with a dynamic economic development strategy. This is a great team, dedicated to continuing the economic success that Sioux Falls has seen during the past three decades—and I’m proud to be joining that team.



By Bob Mundt, President


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