Sports Authority works to attract sports entertainment options

One of the crucial elements in attracting a talented, motivated workforce to the Sioux Falls region is providing leisure activities for our growing population. Young professionals, especially, are looking for communities that understand the importance of entertainment choices—and sports entertainment options are high on the list.


The Sioux Falls Sports Authority was created in 2006 to be a catalyst for upping the Sioux Falls game in attracting sporting events. The Summit League tournaments became an early opportunity, which Sioux Falls and its Sports Authority really took to the next level.


“I don’t know any Division 1 tournament that can point to ten consecutive years of spectator growth in the same location,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of the Sports Authority. “Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities have really embraced the tournament—and our other college sporting events—in a major way.”


Miller will have a chance to help the Summit League tournament grow even more. On August 1 he moves to the newly created Sioux Falls headquarters of the Summit League, taking a position as assistant commissioner of championships and marketing. Miller will head the strategic marketing and corporate partnership programs, oversee the league’s branding program and serve as a liaison for the marketing committee, along with administrative sport oversight.


The Summit League will open operations at a temporary location before moving to its permanent headquarters at the Sanford Sports Complex. The move gives the league office a more centralized location within its current geographic footprint, especially with the University of North Dakota becoming an official member on July 1.


While looking forward to the challenges of his new job, Miller said he will miss the excitement of helping to build the Sioux Falls sports entertainment scene.


"I feel like we still have a lot to accomplish but there is never going to be a good time to leave when we have everything clicking on all cylinders,” he said. “It was a lot of fun working with the people I've worked with.”


The Sports Authority is actively seeking a new executive director. According to Miller, the challenges facing the new leader of the Sioux Falls Sports Authority lie primarily with competition from regional cities.


“All of the major players in sports entertainment are investing in themselves,” Miller said. “Minneapolis, Omaha and Des Moines are all doing some big things with their facilities and amenities. Here in Sioux Falls, we need to keep an eye on the competition and keep investing in our own facilities.”


The growing diversity of Sioux Falls means greater opportunity and more sports entertainment options, according to Miller. People from other parts of the country are eager to participate in and watch sports activities new to Sioux Falls, from pond hockey to lacrosse.


“We can capitalize on those new opportunities,” Miller said, “and continue to attract families. Sports gives young people a chance to learn and be active, families an activity they can share, and audiences different choices in our entertainment venues. The PREMIER Center proved that if we build it and manage it well, people will come.”


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