Forbes ranking shows we're doing it right

In the latest Forbes’ magazine ranking of the Best Places for Business and Careers, Sioux Falls was chosen as the best small location in the nation. The ranking measured job growth, costs, income growth, educational attainment, projected economic growth, quality of life issues, college rankings and net migration patterns. While Sioux Falls has become accustomed to placing highly on the nation’s Top Ten lists of best places for companies to grow, this ranking is highly significant because it clearly states that our community is not only the best place for businesses to build a better future, Sioux Falls also is the best place for people who are planning for career success.



These two elements are nearly always tied together in the most economically prosperous communities. When companies grow, they offer more and better jobs, which attract professionals and a well-trained workforce ready to thrive with these growing businesses. Likewise, businesses consciously look for a location that can offer the most productive, well-educated, motivated pool of talent. An area that is the best small metro in the nation for both businesses and careers offers attractions for both sides of the prosperity equation.



Our business climate speaks for itself, with a lower tax burden, reduced governmental red tape, a right to work heritage and a balanced state budget. Corporate decision makers have been informed, through our national marketing and public relations efforts, that the Sioux Falls area needs to be on any expanding company’s short list of excellent potential sites.



Likewise, the reasons for our consistently rising population of educated, hard-working adults are well documented. Safe streets, educational excellence from kindergarten through graduate school, short commutes and a responsive local government all make for a city delivering a desirable lifestyle. Add the superlative opportunities for finding—and retaining—a rewarding career, and you see why so many families continue to relocate to the Sioux Falls area.



Attracting people and companies is an excellent formula for successful economic growth. We are using proven strategies and consistently adding new tools to our attraction programs. It’s good to see the results of these efforts acknowledged by a national publication like Forbes.



By Dean Dziedzic, Interim President


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