Building for the future: Construction is strong in MCEDA and LCEDA communities

The communities surrounding Sioux Falls in Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties are economically robust and continue to diversify. Sectors leading the development of local economies in LCEDA and MCEDA member communities are housing, industrial growth and new and expanding retail operations.


Construction was another consistent driver in changing the physical look of our communities. In November 2017, MCEDA-LCEDA reported annual construction data for the two-county area, showing 2,360 building permits issued with a total valuation of $135.8 million and the construction of 276 new single family homes.


This construction activity is spread across the leading economic sectors, as growing communities require new retail services, companies find new operational space in smaller towns and steady population growth drives the need for a variety of family housing options throughout Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties.


Combined with data recently reported from the City of Sioux Falls, construction activity in the two counties totaled over $875 million during the past year. With an availability of affordable sites in industrial parks throughout the area and growing residential developments offering attractive housing in both counties, we can confidently look for continued strong construction activity throughout 2018. In Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties, we are building for the future.


By Nick Fosheim, Executive Director


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