YOU can help make 2018 another great year

With another record-setting year behind us and the Sioux Falls area economy looking strong for 2018, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and our economic development partners at the state and local level are confident about another year of economic success. But one of the reasons we all feel that confidence in our regional economy is the participation of people like YOU.


            The Sioux Falls area business community and local residents throughout the metro are involved and active in making this region consistently one of the Top Ten national leaders in economic growth and business success. Your help is integral in building this prosperity—and here are three ways YOU can make it happen:


            1.         Invest in our region. We all know that maintaining infrastructure, putting money into educational facilities and keeping Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities looking good for visitors, newcomers and potential new employers is vital. The building blocks of progress require investment, as well as the support of local citizens. Expanding our development parks, maintaining our streets and continually enhancing quality of life advantages like good schools and attractive parks can make the difference to expanding or relocating companies—and the growing workforce they require.


            2.         Network—and share your ideas. There are lots of good ideas out there, as community leaders in our area and throughout the country work for future prosperity. But if we don’t open the lines of communication that might bring those good ideas to our communities and local leaders, we could find ourselves reinventing the wheel. By sharing ideas for community development with others, and being open to fresh concepts that have worked in other successful places, we can keep the Sioux Falls area growing.


            3.         Believe in our future. Having confidence in what we will achieve together can shape the future. You can show your confidence in a variety of ways. Support our local companies and city, county and state government initiatives. Share your belief in the future of our communities with neighbors, out-of-town friends and especially with our children. By being realistic about community goals, but believing in our ability to make things happen, we build a brighter future for all generations.


            Let’s not wait for someone else to keep economic prosperity and community development going—let’s work together to make it happen throughout our region today.


By Dean Dziedzic, Interim President



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