FOCUSED on serving you better

Four primary focus areas emerged from strategic planning conversations with community leaders throughout Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties. The first is business development, the reason both groups exist. It is critical to continue to keep the pipeline of new and expanding businesses full in order to grow regional communities. In the executive director’s report in this publication, you’ll see the vital statistics regarding this year’s recruitment and business expansion activity. In addition, MCEDA and LCEDA are involving more people in our member communities, working to be a key resource to keep things growing.



Another major focus area is communication and awareness, keeping the conversation about economic development active and reminding people throughout our region that MCEDA and LCEDA are here to help. We’re achieving that goal through enhanced social media content and distribution of County

Perspectives. We are working toward a free-standing regional development website to heighten our organizational visibility online. We’re also spreading the word that individuals throughout both counties can be members of our organizations and participate in our efforts.



Community leaders have also asked LCEDA and MCEDA to be a portal to information and training workshops that can make a difference in all member communities. One of our first steps is the panel discussion added to our annual meeting, bringing experienced regional development professionals together with our constituents to discuss three topics essential to modern growth in our area: competition in economic development, expanding community housing options, and agri-business and its role in regional development.



The fourth focus area is making both organizations stronger so that we can do more for our members, regional communities and expanding companies. We are exploring regional partnerships with other resource providers and new methods of energizing community participation through needs assessments and internal conversations to identify community strengths.



We are excited about the coming year and the regional economic development potential of MCEDA and LCEDA to serve you better. We look forward to conversations during 2018 that will shape the future of our two-county region for the next 25 years!



Nick Fosheim, Executive Director, LCEDA & MCEDA


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