Looking for the positives in a challenging time

As we look to a brighter future for our economy and our regional businesses, we all realize we're in uncharted territory right now, each finding our own ways to try to return to somewhat normal patterns of life and commerce. Change is inevitable, but it's important to try to examine the positive elements of this quarantine period.



There may be a silver lining to the current social distancing and sheltering at home we're practicing to discourage the spread of coronavirus. Most of us, whether we're working remotely or waiting for the gradual reopening of businesses, have the time to examine our economic situation. This may be a great time to evaluate our business model, consider the educational preparation for our jobs, review employee training and to plan future actions that can impact ourselves, our families and our communities.



We're coming together to defeat a common enemy during this time—and that sense of working together while separate can serve us well when we are able to assemble again. As communities, we have the chance to think about public spaces, to evaluate needed commercial enterprises, to imagine new opportunities and to plan for more robust economic infrastructures in Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties.



Whether we are community leaders, elected officials, stakeholders in organizations and institutions, business owners or neighbors, this is the time to think about where we want to go. By considering—and using—the unity of purpose that is driving us today, we can find new tools to help us build a better future for our neighborhoods, our communities and our region.



So let's look for a silver lining in the current national pandemic situation. Tomorrow—and the opportunities and new realities we find there—can be shaped by the decisions and evaluations we make today. Let's be good neighbors, do what we can to help others and plan for the brighter days ahead.



By Jesse Fonkert, Executive Director, Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations





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