Talent Draft Day links students to tomorrow's jobs

An innovative, fast-paced new program connecting students and area businesses is the latest initiative in the Sioux Falls Development Foundation's talent development strategic plan.

            Talent Draft Day is scheduled for October 17 at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science. According to Denise Guzzetta, Development Foundation Vice President of Talent and Workforce Development, the day offers a unique opportunity for regional businesses and students.

            "This event raises the awareness of the value of technical education as we look globally for efficiencies in how we educate and equip our people to meet industry and employment demands," Guzzetta said. "For our inaugural event, we designed three separate programs to connect students and what they are learning to the business community to illustrate the value of that learning."

            Talent Draft Day is focused strongly on area businesses hiring for careers in advanced manufacturing, computer science, general construction, healthcare, information technology and precision mechanics. Any regional business interested in the talent pool being developed in technical schools and other South Dakota educational institutions will benefit from the programs offered.

            1:1 Speed Networking Sessions give students a chance to engage businesses and organizations on topics of company culture and current and future job opportunities. Students will be able to network and connect to discuss part-time jobs, internships, job shadows and full-time careers.

            Training Camp, talent-led interactive training sessions, demonstrates to business executives the skills learned in academic programs, providing potential employers a glimpse into the innovative, cutting-edge training that shapes today's career-based education. One of the features of Training Camp will be a showcase with medical simulators currently in use in area educational institutions.

             Your First Job is a talent development session focusing on professional and soft skills led by Think 3D, experts in leadership and cultural development for early-career talent. Guzzetta said the sessions will conclude with You're Drafted!—a final send-off and appreciation hour including food, entertainment and giveaways.

            Over 500 students are registered to attend Talent Draft Day, with nearly 20 companies and organizations on hand to interact with the students. Participating schools include Harrisburg High School, Lennox High School, Northeast Technical High School, Southeast Technical Institute and Lake Area Technical Institute.

            "Helping businesses understand where today's students are in their training and job preparation and connecting students to the realities of tomorrow's jobs is a vital part of workforce development in our region," Guzzetta said. "The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is working to establish the links that will create a brighter future for area companies and the students who seek to build careers here."




For more information, please contact Denise Guzzetta at 605-339-0103 or email

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