New Talent Tours connect students to career options

Regional college students are discovering career opportunities available in Sioux Falls area companies firsthand, thanks to a workforce development initiative by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

            In May, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation rolled out Talent Tours that linked students from Augustana University, the University of Sioux Falls and the University of South Dakota to community businesses. More than 300 students toured area companies, and college career counselors and corporate business partners both report tremendous feedback from the students.

            "We encouraged students to approach the Talent Tours as professional development opportunities," said Denise Guzzetta, Development Foundation Vice President of Workforce Development. "We realize that today's students are eager to align their values and goals with a potential employer's job culture, community impact and brand—so the Talent Tour is a way to explore and connect."

            The Talent Tour initiative allows student professionals to discover vital information about career opportunities, job differentiators and industry growth from regional business executives, all within the walls of the company's physical space. The Development Foundation acts as a facilitating arm in bringing together innovative companies like Avera and Howalt + McDowell with post-secondary students who are already studying—and planning their futures—in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

            Talent Tours are underway again, with a series of tours planned through December. The tours are scheduled on an as-desired basis in response to requests from either Development Foundation member companies or regional educational institutions. Talent Tours involve a small group of students, typically no more than 15 students per tour, to allow for questions, discussions and more robust learning opportunities. Companies are encouraged to contact Guzzetta at or 605-339-0103 to learn more or schedule a Talent Tour.

            "Students report the Tours provide exactly the type of professional development and career exploration opportunities they are seeking at this juncture in their lives," Guzzetta said. "They appreciate understanding the full gamut of career paths available within a given industry, as well as the importance of alignment between a company's job culture and a student's career goals. We're looking forward to connecting more students with companies throughout 2019."




For more information, contact Denise Guzzetta at 605-339-0103 or

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