Events celebrate regional partnership

The fifth annual LCEDA-MCEDA Gold Shovel Golf Classic, held to show appreciation for the contributions of community leaders, supporters and regional economic development volunteers, will be held Thursday, August 20 at Bakker Crossing Golf Course. Each year we utilize this event to celebrate our regional partnerships, thank those who help us build a better economy for our two-county area, and encourage networking and collaboration.



Partnership has been the driving force of our regional economic development effort since a group of Minnehaha County mayors got together over three decades ago to consider the future of their communities. It was quickly established that combining resources, ideas and prospective business leads would be efficient, effective and produce results for the whole region.



The Minnehaha County Economic Development Association was born—and thanks to early partnerships with the Governor's Office of Economic Development, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and the Lincoln County Economic Development Association, the objectives of its founders have been achieved.



The partnerships with other regional development organizations were only the beginning. County government and city administrations have been vital links to community growth, hosting visiting company executives, sharing strategic planning efforts and building the infrastructure essential to our growth.



New and expanding businesses, regional utility companies and like-minded individuals throughout the two-county area have joined MCEDA and LCEDA, recognizing our common goals and sharing our vision for the future. Each year, we celebrate those partnerships at our annual meeting, and our annual Gold Shovel Golf Classic gives us another opportunity to bring together this forward-looking economic development coalition. In the year ahead, we're looking at ways to expand our collaborative events and provide more opportunities for community and partner interaction.



In Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties, we are all partners in prosperity, working together to continue to make our region one of the best places in America, with a lifestyle that brings business and new families to our communities each year.



By Nick Fosheim, Executive Director, Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations


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