For Immediate Release: Workforce roadmap drives broad spectrum of talent recruitment

June 12, 2019


Workforce roadmap drives broad spectrum of talent recruitment


Students and professionals connected to employer-partners



Recognition of both short and long term goals for talent recruitment in the Sioux Falls area is driving the workforce development strategy of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Development Foundation staff members are facilitating innovative programs to engage students at multiple levels of their educational journey. Working with business partners in the Sioux Falls metro, the Foundation plans to connect graduates of area schools who have built careers in other places with new opportunities here at home.



“Our partnership with local businesses and organizations is the newest element of our workforce development strategy,” said Denise Guzzetta, Vice President of Workforce Development. “For the first time, we have alignment and collaboration that provide a more detailed approach. We are utilizing a marketing perspective in our 2019 workforce roadmap.”



That roadmap outlines an integrated strategy involving three focus areas to achieve full adoption and implementation of the Forward Sioux Falls Strategic Workforce Action Agenda. External marketing to post-secondary educational institutions began this year, working with schools in a 100-mile radius which will expand to 500 miles by 2021. Internal development focuses locally on students enrolled in primary educational institutions, people with disabilities, new generations of Americans and former inmates. The addition of business partnerships allows the Development Foundation to engage, exchange and develop best practices for talent and workforce within the regional business community.  



“Our goal is to bring efficiency and integration to workforce development programming,” Guzzetta said, “in addition to keeping today’s and tomorrow’s needs firmly in mind at all times.”



Three programs initiated this year illustrate that point.


Talent Tours take early career students ages 17 to 24 into participating businesses to see professional options and real-world situations first hand. The peer-to-peer learning brings a new perspective to post-secondary students who are able to explore corporate cultures and better understand career opportunities through the tours. Over 1,000 students will be involved in the Talent Tours program throughout 2019.


Your Future brings K-12 students hands-on learning and vital connections to the building trades and healthcare jobs. Through dynamic in-school presentations and introductions to professionals in those fields, Your Future brings the facts about high-earning potential careers to students who may never otherwise have considered them an option.


Talent Rebound events target professionals ages 25 to 45 who have graduated from regional post-secondary institutions and relocated to pursue their careers. Working with 29 educational institutions, the program seeks to update graduates’ knowledge and provide connections to resources and opportunities for career enhancement to professionals who are ready to embrace the quality of life advantages of our region.



In addition to this talent recruitment programming, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation is partnering with groups from the Chamber and CVB to Lutheran Social Services to the Manufacturing Technology Solutions arm of the Small Business Development Center.



“Through our partnerships and our programs, we believe we can change the narrative,” Guzzetta said. “We’re striving to motivate young people, empowering choice and showing them opportunities that will build a better future for them, for our state and for our nation.”




For more information, contact Denise Guzzetta at 605-339-0103 or email


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