A Conversation with Jennifer Tuttle


Jennifer Tuttle has served as the Workforce Development Director for the Sioux Falls Development Foundation since March, 2017. A former Army officer with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, she has worked with professionals at the Workforce Development Institute, the National Coalition for Advanced Technology Centers and the National Council on Workforce and Economic Development. Her work as Human Relations Specialist for the City of Sioux Falls helped Tuttle understand the unique workforce needs of our area. She is also a recent graduate of Leadership Sioux Falls.


WIN: What have been the most important workforce development successes of 2018?


JENNIFER: First and foremost, during 2018 all of us at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, along with most of our partners in talent recruitment and retention, focused on a solutions-based approach to meeting our workforce challenges. Too often in the past, we’ve analyzed the problems inherent in growing our talent pool, instead of starting with ideas that can make a change.


That fresh approach led to the creation of a monthly information source, Workforce Information Now, and to the organization of a statewide summit that also shaped the conversation around workforce development.


WIN: What is the major strength of Workforce Information Now?


JENNIFER: Effective communication and shared ideas can transform people and companies. Workforce Information Now (WIN) spotlights workplace innovation, exciting company team-building strategies and information about workforce development programs in the Sioux Falls area. WIN (at features a conversation with an individual directly involved with talent pool enhancement, company profiles and stories about regional companies around Sioux Falls that are attracting—and retaining—great employees.


Some of the stories we’ve run in WIN include information on “educational pipelines” to recruit new team members, on-boarding programs that become talent attraction resources and the ways in which public-private strategies are making a difference. We’ve also shared workforce ideas from Governor Daugaard, South Dakota Director of Manufacturing & Technology Solutions Wes Kelly, Sioux Falls School District Superintendent Brian Maher and national television personality Mike Rowe.


We’re always on the lookout for great stories for WIN. If your company or regional community is breaking new ground in recruitment and talent retention, please call 605-339-0103 or email me at



WIN: The WIN Summit drew 300 participants from all across the state. What made this conference so successful?


JENNIFER: The WIN Summit worked because we brought in keynote speakers with motivational appeal, maximized the opportunities for learning with workshops led by a dozen industry leaders and made sure that the summit was a conversation about workforce development with applications for communities and companies of all sizes.


The Summit provided the opportunity for people who care about South Dakota’s workforce future to engage with other business owners and community leaders about strategies that work. In many ways, the summit was an extension of Workforce Information Now’s mission to highlight workforce development resources and best practices in the Sioux Falls region.


The responses we received about the most valuable things learned at the WIN in Workforce Summit told us more about why it was successful. People said:

·      “Loved the main speaker—found value in everything he talked about.”

·      “The Emotional Intelligence breakout was very affirming and enlightening for me.”

·      “If you don’t invest in your company’s culture, you’ll end up paying for it.”

·      “We all have to start somewhere and it really doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes simple things can go a long way.”


We thank all of our sponsors for making the WIN Summit possible, and to all the participants for their time and positive feedback!


WIN: What should we look forward to for 2019 in workforce development?


JENNIFER: With Denise Guzzetta on board as Vice President of Talent and Workforce Development, we will have a larger team in 2019 and a fresh perspective to build on our successes of 2018. We’ll be continuing our focus on solutions and great communication and will strengthen our workforce marketing efforts. It’s going to be a great new year!




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