A Secure,Business Environment
South Dakota is a right to work state with no state,
corporate or personal income tax, no personal property tax, no inheritance tax,
and no inventory tax. Combined with a state-wide culture of fiscal responsibility,
our stable economy provides companies a strong degree of
market predictability for their bottom line.
A Highly ProductiveWorkforce
Forbes ranked Sioux Falls the best small city for business
and careers; and SmartAsset.com named it
the best city in the country for young professionals.
Attractive Location,
Affordable Price
The Sioux Empire offers attractive options for all your site needs
including the region´s newest development Foundation Park;
as well as the Sioux Empire Development Parks and numerous industrial
parks throughout our region. Explore the many options available to you
in Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire.
World Class Medical& Energy Research
Our two top-ranked hospital systems, Sanford Health and Avera Health,
have major research programs in a variety of areas. Energy research
and development is carried out at the corporate headquarters of POET,
the largest ethanol producer in the world.
Forward ThinkingCommunity
Sioux Falls consistently and strategically plans for growth through
smart economic development. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is
currently developing our tenth industrial park, and since 1987
Forward Sioux Falls has raised more than $50 million to fuel
economic expansion and diversification.

Answer the Call to Greater Sioux Falls

Business is better in Sioux Falls! With a business friendly tax climate, development-ready industrial parks, reliable utilities, and a large, growing, and well-trained labor force, Sioux Falls offers distinct advantages unmatched by other regions.

  • • Our tax climate is better. With no personal or corporate income taxes, low sales and property taxes, and tax incentives, South Dakota´s tax climate ranks #2 in the US.
  • • Our labor force is better. With a large, well-educated labor force, workforce development grants, and reasonable labor costs, Sioux Falls employers have a competitive edge.
  • • Our location is better. Sioux Falls is a transportation hub with convenient access to two interstates (I-29 and I-90), Class I rail, regional and municipal airports, and a Port of Entry. Its strategic position and well-developed infrastructure make it easy to reach the 43+ million people who live within a 500-mile radius of Sioux Falls.
  • • Our sites are better. With developed industrial parks; reliable, competitively priced utilities; abundant water; and a strong telecommunications infrastructure, Sioux Falls is shovel-ready and certified. And if you need help, our economic development support services are comprehensive and accessible.
  • • Life is better. A lower-than-average cost of living and the availability of first-rate health care contribute to the high quality of life experienced by the people who call Sioux Falls home. It´s no surprise that South Dakota ranks among the top "well-thiest" cities - healthiest, happiest, outdoor-iest, zen-iest towns that represent an overall high quality of life by Women's Health Magazine.

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What People Say

Better Business. Better Life.

Sioux Falls is not only better when it comes to the cost of doing business - it offers significant. . .
Sioux Falls has a better transportation hub. Our effective and efficient transportation system includes two. . .
The secret is out: Sioux Falls is a better place to live. Our young, well-educated, well-trained workforce. . .
Sioux Falls has a better workforce. Not only is it large enough to meet the needs of both new and. . .
Educational attainment is better in Sioux Falls. There are a variety of public and private educational. . .
Our regional health care systems, Avera Health and Sanford Health, are two of the 25 largest. . .
The cost of living is better in Sioux Falls, thanks in part to no personal income tax, low real property and. . .
Concerts, plays, sculptures, cycling, parks, and hunting: Sioux Falls offers something better for everyone. . .