Denise Guzzetta Hero Image


Vice President of Talent & Workforce Development

Guzzetta comes to the Foundation with a strong marketing and development background serving BASF Corporation as their Marketing Development Manager, Vice President for North America of Crown Worldwide Holding and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Allegiance Relocation Services. With over 20 years of corporate marketing and human resource experience, Guzzetta brings a strong understanding of strategic marketing and business operations which will allow her to understand corporate employment and workforce needs.

Guzzetta will be responsible for the implementation of the Foundation’s talent attraction and workforce development strategies, particularly the Forward Sioux Falls Strategic Workforce Action Agenda. In collaboration and coordination with employers, educational institutions, social agencies, and local governments, Guzzetta will lead efforts in implementation and coordination of those strategies; understand the needs of Sioux Falls employers and employees through quantitative and qualitative means; make recommendations of and, where appropriate, carry out programs that impact the quality and/or quantity of the Sioux Falls area’s workforce; and seek to influence the supply/demand of specific occupations through marketing and education to current and prospective employers/employees, recommendations to educational providers, and recommendations of best workforce practices to Sioux Falls’ employers.