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South Dakota ranked 2nd best state for doctors (2024)

  • June 18, 2024

As an essential service, healthcare is an important facet of our society. Medical professionals work tirelessly to provide care and expertise. Given the importance of their work and cost of their education, when deciding where to practice, doctors consider factors such as annual wage, cost of insurance, and more.

WalletHub has done the research, and South Dakota has recently been ranked the second best state for doctors!

“Living in one of the best states for doctors can make a big difference for your medical career,” says Cassandra Happe, Wallethub Analyst. “In addition to making more money, you will also be able to work in higher-quality hospital environments, be less likely to burn out, and pay less for malpractice insurance. For everyone else, living in one of the best states for doctors can lead to quality healthcare.”

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