Back Directions Newsletter

South Dakota is Open for Business

  • August 31, 2020

During these difficult times of the Covid pandemic the business community has been forced to adapt and possibly change their approach. In the world of economic development that is no different. Our recruitment and attraction activities, and business retention and expansion projects, have been altered both in budget and execution. Governor Noem and Mayor Ten Haken have done an outstanding job managing the crisis, keeping people safe, and the city and state open for business. This has not gone unnoticed in the national media. Governor Noem received high marks and accolades from many outlets on her handling of the pandemic.

In normal times we would use budgeted dollars on marketing missions reaching out to site selection consultants in person to promote and sell the city, region, and state. Like most, we shifted our approach and adopted a virtual advertising campaign. We felt it necessary to leverage the good news and distribute the message electronically in a monthly e-postcard. Sioux Falls and the state receive plenty of accolades that need to be promoted. In addition, we must always tout our affordable cost of doing business and pro-business climate. This campaign will continue to promote and attract new potential opportunities for development.

Trade shows and conferences were another area where we were forced to pivot and identify viable marketing opportunities. For many years, the Development Foundation conducted a radio campaign airing in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Strategically, we felt it was a perfect time to resume radio ads, offering Minnesota business owners a distinct alternative — lower taxes and less red tape with a South Dakota location. The radio ads began airing the week of July 6th and will run for the next three months.