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High school students enjoy immersive work experiences through Career Connections program

  • May 25, 2023

One high school senior tackled an IT project at the Washington Pavilion.

Another learned design-related software at Sayre Associates.

They’re two examples of high school students who this spring were able to immerse themselves in work-related learning experiences through the Sioux Falls Development Foundation’s Career Connections program.

“These are real projects that they’re working on, which is incredible,” said Denise Guzzetta, the organization’s vice president of talent and workforce development. “It’s a way for a company and a way for talent itself to work on a project together but also find if there’s a cultural fit, if there’s a match.”

To see the program at work, click below.

Nearly 80 businesses are participating in Career Connections, which takes several forms — from job-shadowing and workplace visits to these more intensive experiences.

For businesses looking to really connect one-on-one with students, Guzzetta said this approach is a strong fit.

“Whether you’re looking to offset some of the administrative tasks you have or you don’t have time to get to a project that’s been on the shelf, tap into the students we have,” she said. “They’re going to get the experience they want and make that emotional connection, but you’re also going to get someone who’s going to help you with your workload.”

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