4 Ways to Increase Your Employee ROI with Internships

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Organizations are adding internships as innovative ways to attract and retain desirable employees. Learn best practices and insights gained from the Sioux Falls engagement Sioux Falls BEST in August 2021, a college initiative to add the right people and skills to your talent pipeline.

Networking will begin at 3:00 pm inside the Sioux Falls Development Foundation’s Briefing Center located on the first floor of the Commerce Building.

The presentation will begin at 3:50 pm inside the Betty Ordal Conference located on the second floor of the Commerce Center.

During this program, we will address the following questions:

What is an intern? An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. An internship allows a student to explore and develop and learn new skills. It helps the student develop and achieve learning goals.

Why do employers invest in interns? The benefits of hiring interns include providing employees with a new perspective on organizational problems. Interns bring new, fresh ideas to your business and challenge how you have traditionally done things. A strong, supportive, experienced internship manager can help you find the best candidates.

Why attend this Recruitment Council meeting on February 3, 2022? Organizations desiring to hire employees should attend this event. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation has created a network of 2,077,000 college students ranging from disciplines in the Biosciences, Health Sciences, General Business, Industrial Trades, Computer Sciences.


Denise Guzzetta

Director of Talent and Workforce