Back Directions Newsletter

Development Foundation launches “WORK Sioux Falls”

  • August 17, 2021

Our community is receiving interest from individuals all over the nation on relocating here to work and live. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is implementing Phase II of the community’s talent and workforce recruitment campaign to leverage interest and promote employment opportunities available within our existing businesses. 

In early July, the Development Foundation launched the “WORK Sioux Falls” initiative to promote the careers available in Sioux Falls area businesses. Utilizing print materials, digital advertising, and a dedicated page on the community website, the Development Foundation is promoting existing businesses and careers in the area. The campaign is targeting individuals within 250 miles and metropolitan areas including Omaha, Sioux City, Minneapolis, Fargo, and Des Moines.

The video advertisements running in these markets can be viewed below and the dedicated web page is available at

These efforts, in addition to our talent attraction programs through universities, tech schools, local high schools and alumni groups are meant to help attract the talent and workforce existing businesses need.