Sioux Falls, SD
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Cascading the Impact of Forward Sioux Falls

  • December 12, 2023

By Mike Lynch, program director

With 36 years of helping Sioux Falls grow its economy, Forward Sioux Falls continues to build upon its success with vision, strategy and collaboration.

And while our economic development program is widely known and positively supported throughout the area by both public and private sectors, it’s important that young professionals, as well as new/returning residents and businesses relocating to our region understand this profound impact as well. It’s one of the main reasons we published a book and also solid justification for marketing program attributes.

Thanks to generous Forward Sioux Falls in-kind investors, we’ve produced a thirty-second television commercial and radio ad to cascade our objectives and intended outcomes. The first flight has been scheduled, beginning January 2024. For a sneak peek, click here to view the TV spot.

Forward Sioux Falls Video Spot