Mike Lynch speaks at Forward Sioux Falls Investor Briefing 2023
Back Directions Newsletter

A note from FSF Program Director Mike Lynch

  • June 17, 2024

By: Mike Lynch

After nearly 11 years working in the Commerce Center building, I will be resigning from my role as program director for Forward Sioux Falls later in July. My wife Brenda and I will be moving to the Twin Cities as our daughter is planning to relocate from Atlanta and Brenda will be working in St. Paul. On a personal and professional level, it has been an honor to have worked with so many Forward Sioux Falls investors to help make this community economically stronger.

When I’ve had conversations with people from around the country asking about the intricacies of what makes Forward Sioux Falls successful, it’s not a difficult question for me to respond. I’m humbled by how leaders tirelessly come together, place their competitive differences aside and pursue objectives that benefit the entire Sioux Falls area. Collectively, we are stronger and were it not for this dynamic, the success of the program—and the community—would look much different.

325 investors support the current five-year program and there’s little doubt that the number will continue to rise. When we embarked upon the current campaign during the onset of the pandemic, there was reasonable skepticism as to what the future would hold. We wanted to be respectful of the business community before making any campaign timeline decisions. With so many uncertainties, we held conversations with dozens of investors, asking them if this was the right time to conduct a capital campaign. Unequivocally, they responded yes. There was a trust factor and profound respect for what Forward Sioux Falls continues to do to navigate the rising tide.

Though I’m very excited about the next chapter of life, leaving my position and Sioux Falls is bittersweet, for sure. I was born here and have spent much of my life here. Like so many, I’ve seen it grow from a very nice, yet relatively ordinary community well over 35 years ago, to one that is growing exponentially and catching the eye of so many throughout the country. People have realized this is a phenomenal place for those of all ages, with varying aspirations and intentions.

On many levels, I will miss living and working here and yet, I plan to return often and expect to be impressed, but not surprised of the continued evolution and expansion of this city. I appreciate so much, all who have crossed my path over the last decade; it’s been a rewarding ride!