Sioux Falls received a major upgrade to its water system in 2012 when the region was connected to the new Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. This upgrade has improved water quality, supply, and infrastructure and provides a solid foundation for further business development and growth in the Sioux Falls Region.

Other sources of water include The Big Sioux Aquifer and the Middle Skunk Creek Aquifer.

Water Providers

City of Sioux Falls Public Works  -  Telephone 605.367.8600

Lincoln County Rural Water System  -  Telephone 605.767.2966

South Lincoln Rural Water  -  Telephone 605.372.4211

Minnehaha Community Water Corp.  -  Telephone 605-767-2966

Sioux Falls has a water purification capacity of 75 million gallons a day, Sioux Falls Development Foudnation.

Cost of Living: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The cost of living is better in Sioux Falls, thanks in part to no personal income tax, low real property and sales taxes, affordable housing and utility costs, and a favorable climate. The overall cost of living is 6% lower than the national average.

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