Transportation & Warehousing

Transportation & Warehousing

Sioux Falls has a better way to get there! Our effective and efficient transportation hub includes two Interstate highways, Class I rail, convenient air service, and the only Port of Entry and Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in the state. An excellent county highway system and short line rail provide a second tier of connectivity throughout the region. Our centralized location provides convenient access to markets: 42 million customers are reachable within a day´s drive (500 miles) of Sioux Falls.

A variety of existing buildings are available to meet your warehouse and distribution needs.

In addition, South Dakota is a right-to-work state with a pro-business regulatory climate, low unionization, low crime rates, and a business-friendly tax climate.

In Sioux Falls, we connect people with goods from coast to coast. . . and continent to continent.

Transportation Company Employees
MCT Transportation 300-350
YRC Freight Inc. 150-200
School Bus, Inc. 100-150
Signature Flight Support 1-50
Warehousing Company Employees
Win Chill LLC 1-50
Nordica Warehouses 1-50

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Demographics: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The secret is out: Sioux Falls is a better place to live. Our young, educated, well-trained workforce is expanding to meet the needs of both new and existing businesses and is creating a larger market for consumer goods and services. We are one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, with a rate of population growth nearly four times the national average.

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