The Sioux Empire offers better incentives to both new and existing businesses.

•  Reduced property taxes
•  New-construction tax incentive
•  Sales tax refund on capital machinery and equipment for certain projects
•  Several state-level programs

With so many options, it can be time-consuming to sort through them all. Don´t take the chance of leaving any money on the table. Give us a call – we can work with you to determine your needs and figure out what options are best for you.

South Dakota has many benefits, it is a right-to-work state with one of the lowest union membership rates.

Demographics: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The secret is out: Sioux Falls is a better place to live. Our young, educated, well-trained workforce is expanding to meet the needs of both new and existing businesses and is creating a larger market for consumer goods and services. We are one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, with a rate of population growth nearly four times the national average.

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State Business Incentives:

(Revolving Economic Development & Initiative)

• Designed to help promote job growth
• Available to start-up firms or companies that are expanding/relocating
• 2% interest
• Amount is based on job creation

(Economic Development Finance Authority)

• Designed for more capital-intensive projects
• Issuance of tax exempt bonds for small businesses to purchase new machinery and equipment
• Guaranteed long-term loan with a fixed interest rate

South Dakota WORKS

• Offers business/commercial loans to businesses needing working capital for start-up costs, payroll, construction on new buildings, etc.

SBA 504

• Loan program available for fixed asset purchases
• Long-term fixed-rate financing

APEX Loan Program

• Assists companies in communities with a population of 25,000 or less
• Can be used to purchase land or equipment or to buy/renovate a building

Workforce Development Training Grant

• Funds industry/education partnerships
• Designed as a 50/50 match-funding source (must be matched with private sector contributions)

New South Dakotans Initiative

• Provides half the cost of employee recruitment for certain high-need, high-impact industries

Dakota Seeds

• Matching grants for wages paid to interns and assistantships
• Up to $2,000 for undergraduates, $8,000 for master´s students and $10,000 for PhD students