Our regional health care systems, Avera Health and Sanford Health, are two of the 25 largest nonprofit hospital systems in the nation (source: Becker´s Hospital Review) and are one of the reasons health care is better in Sioux Falls. The Sanford School of Medicine, located in Sioux Falls, enhances the quality of health care in all of the hospitals.

Sioux Falls also has a variety of hospitals and numerous clinics that provide specialized patient care. In addition, the research and development conducted by the region´s cluster of biomedical companies is improving patient health not just in Sioux Falls, but all over the world.

Employers in Sioux Falls have better health care options, including occupational health programs, pre-employment physicals, workman´s compensation injury evaluations, and drug testing.

Sioux Falls has over 900 physicians, reports the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

Environment/Climate: The Sioux Falls Advantage

Not only is our business climate better, so is our weather. Sioux Falls has a pleasant climate with four distinct seasons; perfect for outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy lots of sunshine for biking, camping, hunting, or just enjoying one of the 80+ parks the region has to offer. On top of the great weather, Sioux Falls also has one of the lowest natural disaster risks in the US; and we are rated an ISO 1 of only 130 communities in the nation...which means lower fire insurance rates for your bottom line.

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