Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zone

Sioux Falls is home to the only Foreign Trade Zone in South Dakota. Foreign Trade Zones offer a variety of benefits to businesses including:

 • Duty exemption
 • Duty deferral
 • Inverted tariff
 • Logistical benefits

FTZ #220´s current activated General Purpose Warehouse site is Nordica Warehouses, Inc.. The site consists of a 125,000 square foot public dry goods heated warehouse, freezer building and cooler building. For more information, contact Nordica Warehouses at 605.336.9152.

For additional information or assistance, please contact:
Rock Nelson
International Marketing Director
605.338.3424 (office)
605.941.6696 (cell)

Sioux Falls is home to the only Foreign Trade Zone in South Dakota, goods held for export are exempt from stat and local inventory taxes.

Utilities: The Sioux Falls Advantage

Sioux Falls has an extensive, well-developed network of utilities that service businesses and homes in the region. Electric service is reliable and costs are competitive. Water is plentiful and clean, and our recently upgraded water system ensures that the region is prepared for ongoing business and population growth. Our telecommunications infrastructure provides a strong home base for national data, financial, and customer service centers.

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