Data Centers

Data Centers

Sioux Falls has three publicly available data centers which focus on the broad needs of the business communities, serving the segments of small and medium sized businesses, enterprise and vertical commercial spaces. The publicly available data centers serve the needs of the local, regional and national communities which are seeking cost-effective, secure and centrally located spaces for their critical data and infrastructure. The publicly available data centers in Sioux Falls include Midco, SDN, and TierPoint.

Sioux Falls is also home to many privately operated data centers, which typically function within the industries they serve, including a Tier IV information assurance center.

In addition, the region is served by a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education at Dakota State University in three areas - Cyber Defense Education, Cyber Defense Research, and Cyber Operations. Certified by the National Security Agency and Homeland Security Department, Dakota State University serves as one of four Cyber Defense Consultative Regional Resource Centers in the U.S.

Our electricity is cost-competitive and reliable. Our region also has one of the nation's lowest risk profiles for natural disasters.

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Company Employees
MIDCO 750-800
USGS EROS Data Center 550-600
SDN Communications 150-200
ADP 1-50
TierPoint 1-50

Cost of Living: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The cost of living is better in Sioux Falls, thanks in part to no personal income tax, low real property and sales taxes, affordable housing and utility costs, and a favorable climate. The overall cost of living is 6% lower than the national average.

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Sioux Falls meets Tier 4 data center requirements reports the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.
Sioux Falls is rated and ISO 1 community on of only 130 communities in the nation.