Development Membership

Development Membership

Better Business. Better Life. The Sioux Falls Development Foundation (SFDF) is working hard every day to make Sioux Falls a better place for your business and your family. The SFDF encourages the expansion and retention of local businesses and works to bring productive new businesses to the region.

Our work positively impacts every segment of our economy. For example, we are working to:

 •  Increase the employee base.
   During the past year, the Sioux Falls workforce grew by over 2,100 people. A growing economy attracts workers.
 •  Develop new suppliers for your company.
   Sourcing from our growing network of local suppliers can reduce costs and enhance profitability.
 •  Keep your taxes in line.
   New companies and new families mean a wider tax base so your taxes don't go up.
 •  Enhance quality of life.
   A growing tax base means more community improvements and better parks, schools, and recreational facilities.
 •  Achieve maximum growth by maintaining a diversified economy.
   Targeted industries, including high-tech and biomedical companies, offer exciting new potential for our local economy.

Be a force for positive change in your business and community by supporting our work. Your membership in the Sioux Falls Development Foundation helps us continue to bring you new customers, new suppliers, and new employees. It´s an investment in your business success!

Call 339-0103 or e-mail for more information or for membership materials.

Education: The Sioux Falls Advantage

Education is better in Sioux Falls. There are a variety of public and private educational opportunities available in the region, from pre-K through medical and doctoral degrees. Our residents know that educational attainment is important to a bright and productive future, and the number of high school and college graduates in the region reflects that priority.

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