Regional Development

Regional Development

A unique regional development effort began in 1991 with the creation of the Minnehaha County Economic Development Association (MCEDA), followed by the creation of the Lincoln County Economic Development Association (LCEDA) in 1997. By drawing attention to the assets available to businesses and industries looking for long-term sustainable growth options, MCEDA and LCEDA have helped the region´s economy grow. The LCEDA/MCEDA Executive Director helps create a strong regional economy by partnering with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, the Governor´s Office of Economic Development, the Sioux Empire Housing Partnership, and the Southeastern Council of Governments. Residents of the MCEDA/LCEDA communities within the Sioux Empire are proud of their shared heritage of community building and collaboration, qualities that are the cornerstones of the vibrant and thriving region today.

Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties are home to a highly talented and productive workforce. They are entrepreneurs and builders in a wide range of industries, including agricultural manufacturing, transportation, high-tech computer component manufacturing, and warehousing and distribution.

LCEDA & MCEDA are generously supported by the communities and counties served and the banks and utility companies serving the member communities. Thank you to our investors.

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Demographics: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The secret is out: Sioux Falls is a better place to live. Our young, educated, well-trained workforce is expanding to meet the needs of both new and existing businesses and is creating a larger market for consumer goods and services. We are one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, with a rate of population growth nearly four times the national average.

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