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WIN Events

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation hosts multiple events per year for career professionals, K-12 students and college students. These events are designed to enhance and engage our community members with the goal of strengthening our Sioux Falls area workforce.

WIN in Workforce Summit

The annual WIN Summit calls together industry leaders, innovative educators, and business professionals from the upper Midwest region to prioritize, strategize, and energize workforce development.

K-12 Programming Events

Our Your Future STEM, Career Connections, Second Chances, and Employability workshops are designed to develop talent long-term by encouraging and equipping talent with the skills your business needs.

Career Professional Events

We have implemented effective programs, such as Talent Tours, Talent Rebounds, and Talent Draft Days, to increase the supply and quality of people your business needs. These programs will help achieve your immediate goal of finding the right people to expand your business through our network and partnerships.

Recruitment Council

Learn best practices for hiring, retaining, and developing the right employees for your organization with these quarterly workshops.

Denise Guzzetta
Want to learn more about our workforce programs?

Denise Guzzetta

Director of Talent and Workforce, Sioux Falls Development Foundation