2017 Sioux Falls Accolade Archives

South Dakota Growing      12/20/2017 - Thrillist

Middle Class Affordable      11/16/2017 - CNBC

Forbes names Sioux Falls No. 1      11/06/2017 - Forbes

Sioux Falls named one of the top best places to retire by       10/16/2017 -

Sioux Falls is the best city for young professionals      09/19/2017 -

SD one of the top five states to pursue the American Dream      09/07/2017 - MarketWatch

Top ranked education      08/22/2017 -

Sioux Falls is affordable      08/22/2017 -

Tennis complex is one of 12 USTA Facility Award Winners      06/19/2017 - United States Tennis Association

Looking for a summer job – Sioux Falls is one of the best places      05/23/2017 - WalletHub

The best cities to live on a $55K - - check out Sioux Falls      05/17/2017 - SmartAsset

Denny Sanford PREMIER Center receives Academy of Country Music Award nomination for venue of the year.       05/16/2017 - ACM

Second most fun state in America - South Dakota!      05/02/2017 - WalletHub

Top 10 Best Large Cities to Start a Business      05/01/2017 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls one of the top cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs      04/26/2017 - WalletHub

Augustana - Most beautiful campus in SD      03/15/2017 - Travel + Leisure

Sioux Falls' St. Patrick's Day celebration is one of the best      03/09/2017 - WalletHub

SD ranked No. 15 Best State      03/06/2017 - U.S. News & World Report

South Dakota is retirement friendly - - check us out!      02/23/2017 - WalletHub

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Ranks South Dakota as Top State for Economic Growth      02/02/2017 - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Sioux Falls recognized as the American Dream State      01/26/2017 - Site Selection Magazine

Sioux Falls - 18th Most Recession-Recovered Midsize City      01/11/2017 - WalletHub

PREMIER Center rises in world rankings      01/10/2017 - Pollstar Magazine

South Dakota is the Nation's "Top Moving Destination"      01/05/2017 - United Van Lines

Sioux Falls is ranked the 4th best city for finding a job in 2017      01/04/2017 - WalletHub

The Denny Sanford PREMIER Center received an Academy of Country Music Award nomination for venue of the year.      05/16/2017 - ACM

2016 Sioux Falls Accolade Archives

South Dakota is among the ten best states in the U.S in terms of well-being among residents aged 55 and over.      12/06/2016 - Gallup

Volunteer participation rate in South Dakota ranks No. 4 in US      11/18/2016 - Corporation for National & Community Service

South Dakota – A Forbes Top-Ten Best State for Business      11/16/2016 - Forbes

Sioux Falls, S.D., ranks 2nd for business and careers among smaller metros      10/19/2016 - Forbes

Sioux Falls named one of the best US cities to spend a big weekend without going broke      10/10/2016 - Thrillist

Downtown Sioux Falls is the Most Hipster Neighborhood in South Dakota      10/07/2016 - BuzzFeed

Sioux Falls listed as one of 10 great places      10/06/2016 - AARP

Sioux Falls makes Money's list of Best Places to Live in America      09/23/2016 - Money

Sioux Falls named 2016's 4th Best City for Families      09/07/2016 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls one of the 10 Happiest Cities in America      08/31/2016 - Zippia

South Dakota is 8th most tax-friendly state.       08/30/2016 - Kiplinger's Personal Finance

More bang for your buck in South Dakota      08/05/2016 - Tax Foundation

2016's Best Cities to Flip Houses - Sioux Falls #1      08/03/2016 - WalletHub

2016's Best-Run Cities in America – Sioux Falls 9th      07/27/2016 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls is 1st among medium-sized U.S. cities creating the most white-collar jobs for 2016.       07/22/2016 - New Geography

Sioux Falls is the 7th Best City for Young Entrepreneurs.       07/18/2016 - MoneyRates

Sioux Falls made the list of the Best Cities for Jobs in 2016 among medium-sized cities, ranking 11th with an index value of 79.6.       05/11/2016 - New Geography

South Dakota named 2nd best state for homeowners in 2016.       07/13/2016 - SmartAsset

Sioux Falls was named the 28th best city for music fans in 2016.       07/01/2016 - ValuePenguin

Sioux Falls is the 9th least stressed city in America.       07/01/2016 - Wallethub

Sioux Falls is the #1 Best City to Start a Business.       06/01/2016 - Wallethub

Sioux Falls ranked #38 Best Cities for Women in the Workforce out of 529 US Cities.      04/04/2016 - Nerdwallet

US Census Bureau's 2015 County Population Estimates ranked Lincoln County among the 100 fastest growing counties in the U.S. at 77th.      06/01/2016 - Census Bureau

Sioux Falls topped the list of Top Up-and-Coming Cities for Recent College Grads according to ZipRecruiter.       06/01/2016 - ZipRecruiter

Thrillist named Sioux Falls one of the 25 Best Cities to Spend a Weekend.      03/01/2016 - Thrillist

Sioux Falls ranked among the hardest working cities in America according to WalletHub; coming in 4th in their 2016 study.       03/01/2016 - WalletHub

South Dakota's economy was 1st in the Nation with 9.2 percent growth in GDP during the 3rd quarter of 2015.       03/01/2016

South Dakota ranked 2nd best in the 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index published by the Tax Foundation.       03/01/2016 - The Tax Foundation

Bankrate's "Best and Worst States to Retire" list ranked South Dakota 2nd best; up from 8th in 2015.       03/01/2016 - Bankrate

South Dakota has the 3rd earliest Tax Freedom Day according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis as reported by the Tax Foundation.       03/01/2016 - The Tax Foundation

Sioux Falls was named one of the 10 Best Affordable Places to Live, 2016 by      02/01/2016 - Livability

Sioux Falls was named the sixth best city in the U.S. for families according to ValuePenguin.      02/01/2016 - ValuePenguin

For people who like being single, Sioux Falls was voted one of the top 25 cities by SmartAsset.      02/01/2016 -

Sioux Falls is one of the best places in the country to find a job, ranked 9th, according to WalletHub.      01/01/2016 - WalletHub

Results from United Van Line's Annual National Movers Study showed South Dakota was the 12th most popular moving destination of 2015.       01/01/2016 - United Van Lines

2015 Sioux Falls Accolade Archives

Sioux Falls tied for 5th lowest concentration of econmically disadvanted residents according to WalletHub.      12/01/2015 - WalletHub

Forbes named South Dakota the 9th best state for business and careers.      11/01/2015 - Forbes

Kiplinger named South Dakota the 9th most tax-friendly state for retirees.      10/01/2015 - Kiplinger

South Dakota ranks as the 6th most money-savvy state according to a survey by      10/01/2015 - named Sioux Falls a 2016 US Best Value City; ranking 5th best.       10/01/2015 -

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation named South Dakota the best state in the nation for its business climate; and 4th for its talent pipeline as part of its Enterprising States report.      10/01/2015 - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Thrillist dubbed South Dakota "America's most underrated state" and calls Sioux Falls "the best small city in America you haven't been to".       10/01/2015 - Thrillist

SmartAsset named South Dakota the 3rd best state for homeowners.      09/01/2015 - ranked Sioux Falls the 10th best place to live in their 2016 list of the 100 Best Places.      09/01/2015 -

Avera & Sanford Health were named to the Health Care's Most Wired list       09/01/2015 ranked best states for drivers listing South Dakota 9th best; noting low car-theft rates and insurance premiums and short commute times.      08/01/2015 -

Sioux Falls is the nation's 7th minor league market according to the Sports Business Journal.      08/01/2015 - Sports Business Journal

The website says Sioux Falls is the 5th best city in the U.S. for working seniors.       07/01/2015 -

Sioux Falls was ranked 3rd in Forbes 2015 list of Best Small Places for Business and Careers.       07/01/2015

The Mercatus Center released their study "Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition" listing South Dakota as the 3rd best state in the nation.      07/01/2015 - The Mercatus Center

Your money goes farther in South Dakota (3rd most) according to an analysis released by the Tax Foundation.       07/01/2015 - The Tax Foundation

South Dakota ranked 3rd in Gallup Healthway's 2014 State of American Well-Being Index (February 2015) as well as 3rd in their Well-Being Rankings for Older Americans.      07/01/2015 - Gallup Healthway

South Dakota was ranked by CNBC as America's 11th Top State for Business 2015.      06/01/2015 - CNBC

Forbes ranked South Dakota 3rd best in the list of Best & Worst States for Taxes.      06/01/2015 - Forbes

MarketWatch named South Dakota the 4th most tax-friendly state for retirees.      06/01/2015 - MarketWatch

Sioux Falls was named one of Area Development's 100 Leading Locations; creating a track record of economic success. 53rd among all MSAs in the nation and 18th among all mid-sized cities.      06/01/2015

ZipRecruiter ranked Sioux Falls 4th in their list of the best job markets for 2015.       06/01/2015 - ZipRecruiter

WalletHub named Sioux Falls the 5th best city for families out of the 150 largest cities in the US.       06/01/2015 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls ranked 8th in POLICOM's 2015 Economic Strength Ranking.      05/01/2015 - POLICOM

WalletHub's 2015 Best & Worst Cities to Start a Career ranked Sioux Falls 9th best overall.      05/01/2015 - WalletHub

South Dakota had the 7th lowest obesity rate among the states according to Gallup.      05/01/2015 - Gallup

WalletHub named Sioux Falls 2nd best metro in terms of budgeting. Residents had the 4th lowest rate of foreclosure and percent of credit usage.       04/01/2015 - WalletHub

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council named South Dakota 1st in their Small Business Tax Index 2015: Best to Worst State Tax System for Entrepreneurship and Small Business.      04/01/2015 - Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Sioux Falls was rated the 3rd most livable city in the medium range population category according to AARP.      04/01/2015 - AARP

According to, Sioux Falls is the 8th best city to start a family.      04/01/2015 -

Sioux Falls ranks among the best cities to start a business according to WalletHub; ranking 6th among the 150 largest cities in the country.      04/01/2015 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls is a top 10 metro area for economic vitality according to Stateline – The Pew Charitable Trusts.      04/01/2015 - Stateline – The Pew Charitable Trusts

AARP ranked Downtown Sioux Falls one of the 10 Most Livable Neighborhoods in their Livability Index.      04/01/2015 - AARP

NerdWallet identified Sioux Falls as the 3rd best mid-sized city for women in the workforce.       03/01/2015 - NerdWallet

In their 2015 Community Index, Fourth Economy ranked Minnehaha County 3rd among counties of 150,000-499,999 people for its ability to attract and retain investment while bolstering communities against economic fluctuation.      03/01/2015 - Fourth Economy

WalletHub listed Sioux Falls the 24th hardest working city in America in a 2015 ranking; with a labor force participation rate of 83.17 percent.       02/01/2015 - WalletHub

Sioux Falls was named one of America's 50 most innovative tech hubs, ranking 32nd, according to NerdWallet.      02/01/2015 - NerdWallet

South Dakota was 4th best over-all among states in the First in Financial Freedom Index released by the John Locke Foundation; ranking 1st in fiscal freedom, 2nd in health care freedom and 3rd in regulatory freedom. States that score high in these categories have high levels of growth and strong economies.      02/01/2015 - First in Financial Freedom Index

BroadbandNow released a study naming the top 10 best cities to work from home listing Sioux Falls 5th.      02/01/2015 - BroadbandNow

According to the Gallup Job Creation Index, 2014, South Dakota ranked high in their annual ranking of state job markets - - 8th best hiring climate.      02/01/2015 - Gallup

Sioux Falls was listed as the 4th best city to find a job in 2015 according to WalletHub.       01/01/2015 - WalletHub

Milken Institute ranked Sioux Falls the 24th Best-Performing City in 2014 in terms of where America's jobs are created and sustained.      01/01/2015 - Milken Institute

South Dakota had the 5th highest financial well-being in the nation; with midwestern states holding six of the top ten scores in 2014 according to a report released by Gallup-Healthways.      01/01/2015 - Gallup-Healthways

According to the Tax Foundation's 2015 Facts & Figures comparing the states, South Dakota ranks 2nd best overall in their business tax climate index with the 3rd least state/local tax burden in the U.S.      01/01/2015 - Tax Foundation

Demographics: The Sioux Falls Advantage

The secret is out: Sioux Falls is a better place to live. Our young, educated, well-trained workforce is expanding to meet the needs of both new and existing businesses and is creating a larger market for consumer goods and services. We are one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, with a rate of population growth nearly four times the national average.

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